Photographing the Snow in Russia

St Petersburg was very, very cold.  Thankfully, we had packed accordingly, with numerous leggings, thermals and socks.  Even so, my hands did become painfully cold on a number of occasions.  Taking my gloves off to sort out the camera was always a bit of a struggle!

However, I’d say it was worth it.  St Petersburg was beautiful in the snow and while my photography doesn’t do it justice, it might give you a little idea of what a winter weekend in St Petersburg has to offer.


Our first full day was very cloudy (and snowy!).  The river was partly frozen and the sky was very, very grey!


The Frozen River

We did a lot of wandering around on the first day.  I think it total we spent around seven hours walking around the city!

Ducks on the Ice


This is another of my favourite photos – purely because it highlights how crazy some people are!! This is a mini pool in the middle of a frozen lake.  The woman on the left had just been for a dip and her hair was still wet.  She must have been absolutely freezing!


A Pool in a Frozen Lake

While Russia in the day was beautiful, in the night it was absolutely STUNNING.


St Petersburg at Night

Anyway, that’s probably enough of my photography for now,  but I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on a funny little restaurant we visited.


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