Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre

Before we left for St Petersburg, we decided to book tickets to see ‘Swan Lake’ at the Mariinsky Theatre.  While I normally do a lot of research on things to do in a certain area, this was the first time that I’d actually booked something.  And it was fantastic.

Firstly, it gave our trip a bit of a focus.  We had to plan our time around the theatre visit and it meant that we were a little bit more organised throughout.  Secondly, the show was fantastic.  Neither of us had ever been to the ballet before and, despite being a little bit apprehensive, we loved it.

However, there were a few minor hiccups.  Mainly, that for the first two acts, I didn’t have a clue what was going on!

A Panoramic Photograph of the Mariinsky Theatre

A Panoramic Photograph of the Mariinsky Theatre

If I had been a little bit more sensible, I would have looked it up in advance.  Instead, I had to spend the first half of the ballet trying to align the plot with what what happens in the film “The Black Swan”.  At the interval, I had a quick look on Wikipedia and from then on it was lot easier to understand.  Also, Wikipedia informed me that were a number of potential endings which meant that I was desperate to find out which one it would be!  (Spoiler: They Live!)

I had assumed that we would be unable to take any photos during the performance but we were allowed to take a few.  The quality isn’t great and some are a bit blurry – they move pretty fast – but I hope you like them!


The Mariinsky Theatre


Taking a Bow


The Black Swan


… and again!

Unfortunately, this post brings us to the end of St Petersburg Week.  However, I am off somewhere special in London tomorrow evening so there will be a post on that next week!


2 comments on “Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre

  1. Who was Odile/Odette? She looks familiar (as in YouTube-familiar…).

  2. Lizzy says:

    I’m not 100%, but I think it was Ulyana Lopatkina. Does that name sound familiar??

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