A Night at Jongleurs

Last Friday, I went to the Jongleurs Comedy Club in Piccadilly.  If I’m honest, my expectations were fairly low.  I’ve been to a couple of Comedy Clubs before and, in general, only half of the acts were funny.  I’d also read a number of particularly critical reviews and struggled to find anything positive on the internet.


When we arrived, we were shown to a table.  It was fairly near the back of the room but the view was good.  I had been sent a menu the previous day to select a meal from so our burgers were promptly brought over.  They weren’t exceptional, but they were nice.

About an hour later, the show began.  Matt Brown came onto the stage and engaged the audience quickly and effectively.  I always think that once you relax and start laughing, it’s much easier to find subsequent acts funny.  So this was a brilliant start.  He introduced Prince Abdi who was, without a doubt, my favourite of the evening.  His observational comedy had me laughing out loud continuously (I was that awkward person who is left still laughing once everyone else has stopped).  I would definitely recommend seeing him if the opportunity ever arises.  Or, if possible, seeking out an opportunity to see him.  Yep.  That good.

If I’m honest, the subsequent two acts did very little for me.  One was simply strange – strange accents, strange interactions with the audience, strange humour.  The other just wasn’t that funny.  Which is never a good thing at a Comedy Club.

But I’m opting not to dwell on this.  Because the final act was also incredible.  It was a completely different style of comedy to anything I’ve seen before, but it had the entire audience in hysterics.  I’m not sure any explanation of mine will do this fantastic performance justice so I would recommend that you take a look at the following link of Raymond and Mr Timkins:


Fantastic, right?  Yep, I thought so too.


One comment on “A Night at Jongleurs

  1. Thank you! I will look for him on the US and in the UK when I return.

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