Learning the Ropes in London.

A London girl who wants to see the world.

The Ropes

A Little Explanation about The Ropes in London:

Other titles I considered were ‘Learning in London’ (I think that was taken), ‘LearningLondon’ (I didn’t really like this one) and ‘Lessons in London’ (which sounds like it might involve whiteboards and timetables).  So, in trying to come up with something like ‘Learning in London’, I toodled off to find myself an online thesaurus.  One of the first synonyms for ‘Learning’ was ‘Learning the Ropes’ and so ‘The Ropes in London’ was born.

For me, ‘The Ropes in London’ refers to learning all about what London has to offer; food, restaurants, events etc.  It’s also about moving into the city, and stepping from my comfort zone in the outskirts to somewhere with a faster pace.  At the same time, London is only one part of my world.  And I really hope to see the WHOLE world.  So this little corner of the internet will reveal what it’s like to make a life in London while indulging in snippets of travel wherever possible.  So what will ‘The Ropes in London’ have to offer over the coming days and weeks?  Well, there will be a reviews of things to do, things to eat and general life in London, there will be travel reviews and updates as well as number of posts on books and reading.  There will be bits on baking, bits on buying, general bits of blogging.  There will, of course, be bits on travel.  Following St Petersburg week, you can look forward to posts on Bali and Portugal later this year.  I hope to read your comments as we build a community of Londoners and travellers here at The Ropes in London.


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  1. CatherineTs says:

    Hey hey! Really enjoyed your first few posts so I’ve nominated you and some others for a Liebster award – I had fun with it, hope you don’t mind! Post is here: http://londonlately.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/liebster-awards-ahoy/

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