Getting Obsessed with Property Porn

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My plan is to move further into London before the end of the 2013.  I am hoping that the Big Move will take place towards the end of the summer.  Which still leaves me quite a bit of time to get things sorted.  It is also highly likely that properties which are being advertised at the moment will have tenants moved in and settled in long before I am actually ready to start viewing places.  So why is it that I am regularly scanning the internet, desperately hunting down potentially suitable properties?  It is almost certainly a complete waste of time!

The first reasons is, as I mentioned yesterday, an impressive ability to procrastinate.  With a dissertation deadline looming, I am happily frittering useful time away on the internet.  This is almost certainly a terrible idea.

The second reasons is, perhaps, that I am ‘getting to know the market’.  This is probably only a little bit true.  I am beginning to understand that money does not go very far in London and the areas in which I might actually afford the still-exorbitant rents.  However, I think this is probably a by-product of my property porn obsession, rather than an actual cause.

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