Procrastinating Over My Dissertation

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It is nearly a year since I picked my dissertation topic.  That’s nearly a year of googling, researching, reading, writing.  And I could not be more bored.  I’m trying to find a source of motivation but, at the moment, I’m really struggling.

The end of this dissertation marks the beginning of the end of my degree.  While I have enjoyed my degree, I simply cannot wait for it to be over.  I’ve been studying English Literature for nearly three years and, as anyone who has studied English will tell you, it’s been an awful lot of reading.  Before I started, I absolutely loved reading.  I could easily get through one book per day, especially when on holiday.  But since beginning my degree, I’ve barely read a single book that I haven’t been told to read.  When someone recommends a good book that they’ve read, I make a mental note of it but deep-down know that I will never get around to actually reading it.  Except the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  What with all the hype, I had to find time for those.  Instead, I will make do with medieval literature, or the classics, or literary theory.

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