Hawksmoor:The Best Steak in London?

For a number of years, I have been on the hunt for the best steak in London.  As mentioned in an earlier post, steak is my absolute favourite food.  So far, I have been to Gauchos, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill and Marco Pierre White‘s Steak & Alehouse.

Last Friday, I went to Hawksmoor.  Specifically, the Hawksmoor in Seven Dials (which is one of my favourite places in London anyway!).  It was Mal’s birthday at the end of February and, having heard a number of fantastic reviews, we decided to give it a go.  Well, it certainly lived up to our expectations.


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The First Night in St Petersburg

We arrived in St Petersburg at around 6pm. We had to go through passport control, where the airport staff looked particularly frightening, and were lucky enough to find our bag within a couple of minutes. I say that as though it happened really smoothly, but I did actually have to dash across the airport in snow boots when I saw our bag from a hundred meters away! We then debated whether or not to get a taxi to our hotel (the easy option) or try and find our way there using public transport.

We opted to try public transport.St Petersberg

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A Liebster Award Nomination

I am very excited to announce that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Catherine at londonlately.  I’ve been reliably informed that ‘leibster’ comes from a German word meaning ‘favourite’ or ‘dearest’ so I’m incredibly grateful for Catherine’s nomination.  So, what exactly do these awards entail?  Well, I believe it goes something like this …

The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers. Nominees are asked to:

1.  Post 11 facts about themselves.
2.  Answer the 11 questions they’ve been asked.
3.  Nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions of their own.
4.  Display the Liebster Award logo.

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The Ropes in London

The Ropes

Yesterday, The Daily Post suggested that I comment on the following:

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I haven’t attempted any of the daily prompts yet but I thought that, as a new blogger, this might be the perfect place to start.  I think that ‘The Ropes in London’ is a fairly self-explanatory title but then I would, I picked it.  Other titles I considered were ‘Learning in London’ (I think that was taken), ‘LearningLondon’ (I didn’t really like this one) and ‘Lessons in London’ (which sounds like it might involve whiteboards and timetables).  So, in trying to come up with something like ‘Learning in London’, I toodled off to find myself an online thesaurus.  One of the first synonyms for ‘Learning’ was ‘Learning the Ropes’ and so ‘The Ropes in London’ was born.

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Getting Obsessed with Property Porn

A 3×4 segment panoramic image of the Royal Col...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My plan is to move further into London before the end of the 2013.  I am hoping that the Big Move will take place towards the end of the summer.  Which still leaves me quite a bit of time to get things sorted.  It is also highly likely that properties which are being advertised at the moment will have tenants moved in and settled in long before I am actually ready to start viewing places.  So why is it that I am regularly scanning the internet, desperately hunting down potentially suitable properties?  It is almost certainly a complete waste of time!

The first reasons is, as I mentioned yesterday, an impressive ability to procrastinate.  With a dissertation deadline looming, I am happily frittering useful time away on the internet.  This is almost certainly a terrible idea.

The second reasons is, perhaps, that I am ‘getting to know the market’.  This is probably only a little bit true.  I am beginning to understand that money does not go very far in London and the areas in which I might actually afford the still-exorbitant rents.  However, I think this is probably a by-product of my property porn obsession, rather than an actual cause.

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